Joe Budden’s Ex Tahiry Jose Claims He Beat Her Up During Relationship

Tahiry Jose has aired out her alleged toxic relationship with former boyfriend Joe Budden. The reality TV personality, who recently made headlines with her on-air drama with her current beau Vado on "Marriage Bootcamp: The Hip Hop Edition", claimed the "Pump It Up" hitmaker abused her when they were together.

In a new interview with Hollywood Unlocked, Tahiry was talking about her fight with Vado when the conversation shifted to her past violent relationship with Joe. "I'm the oldest of 14. So, um, I think that the way I was dealing with being in a relationship with Joe was just tucking it, hiding it 'cause I can't stop," she said of handling the alleged abuse. "I have to keep going because people rely on me 'cause I have to handle stuff, 'cause I have to grow in this business, 'cause I'm not going to fold."

She continued, "I'm not failing because you want me to and I just keep going until your trauma meets you. In the words of my friend Charlamagne, either you meet your trauma or your trauma will meet you. I didn't into that house being to discuss being in domestic violence before, it juts met me face-to-face. Then watch your ex say something like, 'Tahiry will fight a man.' I didn't fight him. I was scared to death."

The former "Love & Hip Hop: New York" star went on detailing the abuse she allegedly suffered at the hands of "The Joe Budden Podcast" host. "I've been beaten before," she shared. "That relationship left me with a fractured rib and a broken nose because somebody was sending him a message. And I used to always say, 'Stop beefing out there, I'm still working.' And he hit me on that nose and then pushed me down a flight of stairs."

"I remember having to talk him out of letting me go that day," she continued. "I remember having a plan to leave because the reason he was so upset was because I was already leaving, looking through my phone and s**t. But I had already told him give me two weeks to pack up my things. He agreed to it and then started looking through my phone. Next thing you know, I got woken up by him dragging me by my ankle. I managed to get up from that floor."

The 45-year-old TV personality claimed that "a man will break your spirits before he actually puts his hands on you." She explained, "It started with verbal abuse, emotional abuse and it eventually turned to that. I still fear for my safety. He hurt me bad and I just stayed quiet. I went to the hospital and he sat next to me. I lied to the doctors and said I was cleaning a cabinet and fell in the kitchen – and then he rapped about it."

Joe has not responded to Tahiry's claims of his alleged violent behavior.

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