Niecy Nash Shocks Internet by Announcing Marriage to Singer Jessica Betts: ‘Love Wins’

No one saw it coming. Niecy Nash has recently announced that she's now a married woman, and much to everyone's surprise, the comedienne revealed that her new partner is a female singer named Jessica Betts instead of a man.

Taking to her Instagram account on Monday, August 31, Niecy shared a picture taken during their nuptials that showed the happy couple walking down the aisle hand-in-hand. The "Stolen by My Mother" star wore a white wedding gown with a veil flowing behind her, while her new wife opted for a button-down dress shirt, pants sneakers, a vest and a tie.

"Mrs. Carol Denise Betts," so Niecy wrote in the caption of the post, adding a hashtag that read, "Love Wins." Jessica also shared the same picture on her own account, writing, "I got a whole wife."

Considering that she never spoke up about her sexuality, this news came as a surprise for people on the Internet, to the point that her name started trending on social media. "I have said before that Niecy Nash is finer than fine, thicker than grits. I am so happy to hear she is queer. And married. I am happy for her," one person said. "Niecy Nash being gay married is the last thing I ever expected and the first thing I wanted to know," another commented.

"I did not know niecy nash was gay. best news i received today," someone else was happy for her, while an individual wrote, "NIECY NASH IS GAY??!! My heart. they're so cute help. I was just thinking I wonder if she's single & happy and look at her–loved up."

Prior to tying the knot with Jessica, Niecy was married to Jay Tucker. The "Claws" actress and the electrical engineer got married in Malibu in May 2011 before announcing their split in October 2019.

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