Rappers Yung Berg and Tokyo Vanity Suffer Severe Allergic Reaction, Show Swollen Faces

It looks like Yung Berg and Tokyo Vanity are having a hard time with the same disease. Both of the hip-hop stars took to their respective Instagram pages over the weekend to document the severe allergic reaction that caused their face to get swollen.

For instance, Yung Berg shared on Instagram Stories a video of his face swollen everywhere as he wrote in the caption of the post, "Im a cry." Fortunately for him, the swelling appeared to be almost gone by Monday, August 31 when he posted an update to his fans. "Last night. 1 more day. I'll be back smfh," so the rapper promised.

Meanwhile, around the same time, Tokyo shared a close-up video of her appearing to suffer from bloodshot eyes. "Idk why they keep doing this weird shit y’all think I’m allergic to something ?" she asked her followers in the caption of the post.

In the end, she decided to pay a visit to the ER to get her eyes treated. However, before that, she gave her followers an update by sharing a photo of the swelling under her eyes. "Thanks for all the concerns , this what they look like now imma go to the er," the "Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta" star said.

Many of their friends and followers have since offered their prayers. "Oh no! Sending prayers that he feels better! May be an allergic reaction or something. Get him to the ER to be checked out if necessary," one Yung Berg fan said. Meanwhile, someone told Tokyo, "Keep the lashes off for a min could be those irritating your eye lid, causing you an eye infection."

"Praying for healing right now in Jesus Christ of Nazareth name, amen," another commented. "MY GOD I pray that you find out what it's is I'm going to pray for you," one other similarly wrote.

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