Tim Norman’s Mom Miss Robbie Seeks Prayers for Son Following His Arrest

Miss Robbie has broken her silence following the arrest of his son, Tim Norman, on murder charges. However, the "Welcome to Sweetie Pie" star is not ready to address the arrest as she's instead asking fans and viewers of the show to keep praying for his son amid the difficult time.

In an email sent to journalist April Simpson, Miss Robbie thanked those who have sent support and love to her, though she refused to talk about the legal case. "Thanks for the prayers, but at this time I'm weak and can't make a statement. Please keep praying for me and my son," so she said to the journalist.

Last month, Tim was arrested and charged with a murder for hire in exchange for money that resulted in the death of his nephew, Andre Montgomery. According to documents, prosecutors believe the 41-year-old conspired with an exotic dancer named Terica Ellis as well as others to set Andre up to be murdered back in 2016.

The documents detailed that Terica called Tim once she got Andre's location on March 13, 2016. Shortly after that, Andre was shot and killed in the 3900 block of Natural Bridge Road in St. Louis. Following the murder, Terica called Tim and left the town, in addition to depositing $9,000 in cash into various bank accounts. Tim himself allegedly collected a $450,000 life insurance policy he had on his nephew with him as the sole beneficiary.

Both Tim and Terica are being held in federal custody right now.

Recently, All About the Tea alleged that Miss Robbie was Tim's next intended victim due to her $1 million life insurance policy. An alleged family member told the gossip site, "Tim has a life insurance policy on Ms. Robbie, worth more than a million dollars. Tim was drowning in debt. His Jackson, Mississippi location was derailed because of Coronavirus and he owed a lot of people money. He also owes Janae thousands in back child support and he owes back taxes. Please keep our family in your prayers."

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