Kodak Black Wishes Zendaya Happy Birthday by Releasing Black Balloons

Kodak Black apparently has yet to give up on trying to get Zendaya Coleman's attention. The actress recently celebrated her 24th birthday, and the rapper used this chance to shoot his shot and wish her a happy birthday even from prison.

Given that Kodak currently has limited mobility due to his prison stint, the "Wake Up in the Sky" rapper had someone round up two dozens of black balloons and let them off into the air. He posted footage of the moment on his Instagram account and wrote in the caption, "Happy birthday @zendaya #24 Balloons for #24 years Fly High."

People were confused as to why he decided to release black balloons into the air. "Why would Kodak have his ppl do that funeral balloon release for Zendaya bday lmao then gonna say 'fly high' like what," an individual said. "He doing a balloon release like shordy dead or something," one more person wrote, as someone else echoed, "Why they releasing balloons tho. she ain't dead."

Meanwhile, Zendaya has yet to respond to Kodak's birthday wish. Instead, she responded to Beyonce Knowles who wished her a happy birthday with a throwback photo of herself. Feeling very happy to receive birthday wishes from the singing diva, the "Spider-Man: Homecoming" star said, "Never shutting up about it."

Back to Kodak, this isn't the first time the "ZEZE" rapper shot his shot at Zendaya. Prior to this, he posted a Valentine's Day poem dedicated to "The Greatest Showman" star. The poem read, "Zoolin in an ice box, frozen in time. But mentally, you're my Valentine. Hope I made you smile with this poem. I'm thinking 'bout you all the way home."

In addition to that, Kodak mentioned Zendaya in a letter to fans, calling her "da homie." He said at the time, "Let me find out Zendaya on her Z s**t Boi. Everybody screaming 'Jennaske !' I'm Proud of her, That's da Homie!"

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