Pastor John Gray Takes a Break From Preaching to Seek Therapy for Marriage After Cheating Scandal

Pastor John Gray has spoken up after a woman exposed him for allegedly cheating on his wife Aventer Gray with her. In an emotional videotaped message posted online on Sunday, August 30, the religion and TV personality addressed rumors of extramarital affair and apologized to his wife.

"There are people who may never listen to me preach again, and I am so very sad about that," John said on the Relentless Church stage in Greenville. "I also believe this moment will call more people to repentance unto salvation. In that, my pain will have been worth it."

While he didn't clearly admit or deny the cheating allegation, the pastor realized that pastors are held to the highest of standards, need to maintain their character when no one is looking and have "fidelity and faithfulness in marriage." He said not staying accountable caused him to make "bad decisions."

In an attempt to make things right, John told his congregation that he's undergoing extensive counseling and seeking guidance of other pastors for help. He announced that he may not speak before his congregation for some weeks as he's unsure how long his therapy process will take.

To his wife, the former star of "The Book of John Gray" said, "As I've said to my wife, I say to her now in the moment, Aventer I am sorry for the pain that I have caused you. And my prayer is that the life I live from this moment will be one worthy of the love that you have extended and that our family receives from."

"I am grateful for you, for our children and I pray that God would restore the joy that we had in the days when we would drive around the city dreaming," he continued expressing his desire to save his marriage. "You know more than everyone else the areas of pain that I've carried for years."

"You don't deserve it. You're an amazing woman of God and I love you. And I will face me so that the man that comes out of this moment will be able to honor you in a way that I never have before," he added.

He also apologized to his church, saying, "To my church, I am sorry. You've gone through enough – from cars, to meetings with leaders that have caused great pain and deep division among political ideologies to one thing after another. I want to tell you I'm sorry."

News of John's alleged extramarital affair emerged earlier in August when a woman leaked videos of her FaceTime conversations with the pastor. His attorneys later responded to the claims by stating that John was the victim of extortion and blackmail, stressing that a physical affair was never alleged.

Prior to his latest cheating scandal, John admitted last year that he had an emotional affair with another woman. His wife Aventer chose to stick by his side despite his infidelity at the time, with the 38-year-old saying that the affair helped them grow as a couple.

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