Report: Tiffany Trump Has Distaste for Family, Feels Unwelcome

The Trump family apparently isn't as harmonious as they look in public. It's been reported that Donald Trump's fourth child, Tiffany Trump, apparently often badmouthes him whenever she can and has a distaste for her family.

According to a source, who claimed to be attending Georgetown University with Tiffany, the blonde beauty used to complain to his boyfriend about having to go to family events because she allegedly always feels unwelcome. In addition to that, Tiffany reportedly has an awkward relationship with her sister Ivanka and doesn't get along with any of the family members.

The insider went on saying the only reason why she still stands by her father is because her mother forces her to play nice so that she can get the inheritance money. All of this allegedly makes her depressed, not to mention all the hatred she has to constantly receive for being Trump's daughter even though she doesn't agree with most of his policies. Tiffany is said to be supporting the Black Lives Matter movement but has been prevented from showing her support to the public by her half brother, Eric Trump.

Reps for Tiffany Trump haven't responded to this rumor.

This arrives amid rumors that Melania Trump hates both Donald and Ivanka, to the point that she even made some disparaging comments about the two before. In addition to that, FLOTUS and her ex-best friend, Stephanie, apparently launched what they called "Operation Block Ivanka" during Donald's inauguration, in which the two arranged the seating and standing spot of each member of the family so that Ivanka couldn't be seen on TV.

Most recently, Melania was caught on camera giving the first daughter the stink eye during the Republican National Convention. In a short clip making the rounds online, Melania and Donald were standing on the podium before Ivanka took the stage and greeted both of them. Melania was smiling when Ivanka greeted her, but as soon as she stood beside her father, Melania's expression completely changed as if she was not pleased with something.

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