Andra Day: ‘Special Person’ Chadwick Boseman Made People Feel Safe and Welcome

Singer Andra Day has reflected on the lasting impact Chadwick Boseman made on her after the pair worked together on the set of the 2017 film "Marshall".

The "Rise Up" hitmaker met Boseman, who tragically died aged 43 following a secret battle with colon cancer last Friday (28Aug20), while working on the film she wrote music for and he starred in.

Although she and the actor, who played the first African-American Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall as a young man in the legal drama, only worked together for a short time, she tells People "it was amazing to watch him on set."

"He was so kind to me and so inviting, and I was only there for two days," the star, who teamed up with Common for the soundtrack number "Stand Up for Something", says.

"I think, for me, it was more impressive to see that he engaged with everyone in the exact same way. It wasn't because I was an artist, he dealt (the same way) with everybody."

Day goes on to admit she'll always remember how one night after filming, Boseman made a point to invite her to join the cast at their local haunt for drinks, before gushing, "I think his power was an impact on everyone."

"We all got power from him. You didn't feel embarrassed or, 'I'm not good enough around him,' because he created that type of space. He was just a really special person. There's no way to really describe it."

"He sought a life of service. He sought a life of authenticity, of giving. He created safe spaces where other people could be authentic. I wish more of us would do that more often with each other," Day reflects.

The "Cars 3" star previously paid tribute to Boseman on Instagram on Monday by sharing a series of photos they took together in 2017, writing, "Been up crying and celebrating this life… Sending up prayers of comfort, Peace, and Joy for his family. One of the most genuine people I’ve ever met who loved God, gave love to all people, and uplifted his people."

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