‘Below Deck Med’ Captain Sandy Yawn Doesn’t Regret Confronting and Firing Hannah Ferrier

Captain Sandy Yawn has broken her silence over Hannah Ferrier's surprise exit from "Below Deck Mediterranean". Weeks after the franchise's former chief stewardess expressed her disappointment over her portrayal on the series, the seasoned captain confessed in a new interview that she did not regret the decision she made following an expletive-filled confrontation.

The 55-year-old insisted that she had "no regrets" about the dismissal of the 33-year-old when speaking to E! News about season 5's turnover rate on season 5. "Imagine walking in my shoes, it was challenging," she stated. "The Maritime industry has a certain standard…My number one priority is the client."

When asked whether she would work with Hannah again, the Bravo personality admitted she was not open to working with her again."I prefer to work with people I can trust and that's really it, to be honest," she explained the reason why.

While she ruled out working with Hannah again, Sandy would be happy to have Malia White, Bugsy Drake, Robert Westergaard, Jessica More and Alex Radcliffe as part of her crew in the future. "I like mentoring people, so people who are interested in learning from me," she pointed out.

"I like people who are serious about their careers," she elaborated. "Honestly, I'm there because I love what I do and I want people to work for me that love being in the Maritime industry and if they don't, no love lost."

As for Hannah, the dismissed member of The Wellington crew shared her honest thought on her exit after the airing of the show's August 17 episode. "I'm actually just really disturbed. I think especially seeing how it played out," she told Decider at that time. "I think I've just been really disappointed because I feel I'm being painted as some sort of drug addict or what have you."

Hannah got fired by Sandy after unregistered Valium and a CBD vape pen were found in her belongings following a report by Malia. Addressing why she did not clear the medication when she brought it on the boat, she argued, "Because I've always had it, every year. It just wasn't really a process that went through my mind."

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