Chika Tells Off Waka Flocka Flame Over His Police Brutality Remarks: ‘Shut the F**k Up’

Waka Flocka Flame has taken to his social media account numerous times to voice his opinion political things, including police brutality which has yet to end in Amerika. Writing on Instagram Stories, the rapper recently controversially questioned whether black people have the rights to ask the police to stop shooting them.

"How can we as a community beg the police to don't shoot but we killing each other still?" Waka wondered on Wednesday, September 2. "We gotta ask ourself how bad we want true freedom?"

Almost unsurprisingly, his post landed him in hot water. Among those who criticized Waka was rapper Chika, who wrote a lengthy response on her Twitter page. "everybody of every race commits violence against each other, it is not specific to our community," she wrote.

"what IS specific to us is having these respectability politics used as a condition for us to receive simple human decency from people who swore to serve and protect," she added.

"in simple terms, nobody else has been asked to stop killing each other if they don't wanna be killed. this is stupid. and would only come from someone who doesn't have the range to understand double standards. or umm.. racism?" she continued in a separate post. "in simpler terms, shut the hell up, flocka. thx."

The "SONGS ABOUT YOU" femcee also reposted her tweet on Instagram. "shhh. not rn," she wrote in the caption while mentioning Waka's account.

Fans loved her response to Waka as one said, "Chika got sooo much sense, yo. Love ya, girl." Someone else added, "She's 100% right. Every damn race has violence, where white people live the majority of people who commit the crime are WHITE. But of course they gone single out black people. Black on black crime isn't a thing, they made it a thing."

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