Jayda Cheaves Calls Lil Baby ‘Cutest’ for Giving Her ‘Million Things’ in a Day, Gets Ridiculed

It's safe to say that Jayda Cheaves is head over heels for Lil Baby, whether or not he showers her with gifts. The social media star recently took to her Twitter account to gush over her rapper boyfriend, though she ended up getting ridiculed by people on the Internet.

In the Wednesday, September 2 post, Jayda recalled the time when Baby gave her a lot of things in a day. "Y'all baby send me a million things a day like 'you want that' or 'you like this' like boy NO I am GOOD!!! Lmfao it be the most craziest s**t ever s**t I do not need at that. He's the cutest."

Instead of gushing over their relationship, those who read Jayda's post ridiculed her instead as some people called her "goofy" for posting that kind of thing in the first place. "This just screams attention seeking," one person assumed. "Am I wrong ? This information is so pointless, sis we don't care." One other wrote, "She's doing to get at his BM. Be careful when laughing or poking at someone else pain."

Meanwhile, a number of people mocked her because Baby bought everything for her but an engagement ring. "If only he could put a ring on your finger & treat you like the woman you claim to be," an individual said, while someone gave Jayda some advice, "tell him buy you a brain and some self respect." There was also one person who commented, "There is an agenda here. Either he is telling her to brag on him or she is doing it for clout or to make women jealous.."

Baby and Jayda have been dating on-and-off for years now, with the latter confirming their relationship during an interview back in 2018. At the time, she said that they met through her sister and connected almost instantly.

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