Twenty One Pilots’ Tyler Joseph Apologizes After Refusing to Use His Platform to Support BLM

Tyler Joseph has relented after he received thunderous criticism for joking about the use of his large social media platform. The Twenty One Pilots frontman seemed to mock people who asked him to address Black Lives Matter on his Twitter page by highlighting mental health instead, but he has now backtracked on his initial persistence and apologized for any hurt he caused with it.

Returning to the blue bird app on late Wednesday, September 2, he responded to the backlash as posting, "my tweet wasn't suppose to be about human rights. so in case you are wondering where i stand: Black Lives Matter."

"i just wanted to take a moment to raise awareness about something else that has meant a lot to me for a long time," he explained his previous tweets, noting, "but now I see there is no room for that right now."

"im truly sorry if it hurt anyone," he added in another post, before sharing a link to a site that provides info about how to help the fight against police violence on black people. "here is a link with a lot of great info that i stand by," he stressed his stance in the issue.

Tyler Joseph's Apology

Earlier on the same day, Tyler enraged people after he refused to use his social media platform to support BLM. "You guys keep asking me to use my platforms. Feels good to dust these bad boys off," he responded to fans' plea, attaching two pictures of him showing off his brand new sneakers.

Seemingly mocking the BLM protesters, he tweeted again, "I respect all the warriors out there fighting for different causes. there is honor in it, purpose, and it can make our world better. i just want to remind you what i'm fighting for: your mental health is more important today than it ever has been. you're not alone."

Not apologetic despite the backlash, the 31-year-old insisted, "This isn't a notes app moment. i'm doubling down on my platform tweet. It was fantastic."

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