50 Cent and T.I. Sparring on Social Media Over Proposed ‘Versuz’ Battle

50 Cent and T.I. are trading jabs online after they were proposed as the next stars to face each other on "Versuz". Seemingly up for the showdown, Tip challenged Fiddy by writing on Instagram on Thursday night, September 3, "Pick a date!"

The "In da Club" hitmaker responded by making fun of T.I.'s beard in a photo and his music. "Bro ya beard is not quite connecting like your music," he wrote along with Tip's image. Fiddy also bragged about his album sales, adding, "You know I did 10,000,000 on the second album too. you just make sure your at work on time. OK."

Fif also took a shot at T.I. by posting along with a photo of a bee and a fly facing off, "So I just want to say to … I'm clear you will never understand how much better I am than you are, look even my skin is darker then [sic] yours. I'm just a better specimen of a man than you punk."

T.I. didn't back and commented on Fif's post, "Pull ya BAD A** UP den BIG DAWG Homie OG!! Cmon!! wit ya 1 album & them other Lil Luke warm songs u got…gon dust that s**t off kid." The Atlanta rapper responded again, writing, "These little n!66as be angry, don't worry you'll be a Big Dog like me one day. for now you'll just be. I like that jacket, not bad. LOL #STARZ POWER SUNDAY!"

The "Live Your Life" spitter took another jab at Fif, posting on his page, "I'm DYYYIIINNNNN yo. Dis n***a @50cent slow af… he actually think he got a shot wit that one & 1/2 albums he got … U washed my boi. Now cmon & PULL YO YOUNG BABOON FACE A- ON UP & GET SERVED CURTIS!"

While 50 Cent and T.I.'s jabs at each other were quite savage, it's safe to say that they're just playfully trolling each other. The two stars recently announced a partnership on a new TV series "Twenty Four Seven", developed at CBS All Access.

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