Bella Thorne’s Ex Mod Sun Slams Her for Causing ‘Distress’ to Sex Workers With OnlyFans Scandal

Mod Sun has joined the list of people who are upset with Bella Thorne's OnlyFans scandal. In a recent interview, Mod weighed in on the matter and dragged his ex for insulting sex workers as she's accused of scamming her subscribers.

"There's a lot of people who don't have a voice that are feeling a certain way about what she did because it's insulting what she did to sex workers, you know what I'm saying?" Mod shared to TooFab. "I really support that lifestyle. I really do."

He went on to say, "I think it's insulting to enter that space and I think that she caused a lot of emotional distress to also people who rely on that money."

Mod also talked about how scamming allegations against Bella made some people accuse other creators of pulling the same stunt which resulted in their accounts getting deleted. "People get deleted for that, that really really rely on that," he said. "Let's be honest — she don't need that money. It's a pandemic. Like let some people that really have lived that life and gone through it. 'When the people run out of food, they'll eat the rich' — quit coming for everything. Let some people that need this rely on it."

He continued, "All I know is that there's a lot of people that got really really screwed over and if they change the rules because of that you know… she really has a lot of apologizing to do…I don't know if there's a way for her to try to spin this into something nice. It makes it very obvious that you can be super rich and have the poorest values. Scamming people is trash, bro. Scamming people is trash. It's time for the rich to have richer values. That scam life is not cool."

Bella made headlines after her record-breaking $1 million earning just a day after she joined OnlyFans. That didn't sit well with sex workers who relied on the platform to make ends meet. Fans who had subscribed to her page also accused Bella of scamming since they allegedly did not receive the pay-per-view "nude" photo she charged $200 for.

In response to the controversy, the former Disney star apologized on Twitter, claiming that bosses at OnlyFans have since set a new limit on the price that creators can charge for pay-per-view content, which many have attributed to Bella's antics on the site. She also said that she joined the platform as research for a role in a film she was working on with Sean Baker, who quickly denied it.

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