Chris Rock Slammed for Joking About Mike Tyson Pushing Naomi Campbell Out of Moving Car

Chris Rock and Naomi Campbell had a virtual reunion during an interview for her webseries "No Filter with Naomi". The pair talked about a lot of things including the embarrassing moment when Mike Tyson allegedly pushed the legendary model out of a moving car back when they were dating.

Chris first recalled his first encounter with Naomi when she was working at a coffee shop in Union Square, New York City before she hit it big. "We were all lusting for you. You were a supermodel to us, even then," the comedic mogul said of him and his friends.

Taking a playful jab at the 50-year-old star, Chris went on to share a story from when Mike, whom Naomi reportedly dated briefly back in the late 1980s or early 1990s, used to hang out with them in the East Village. "I think Mike pushed you out of a moving car one night … I think you gave somebody your number and he lost his head," he claimed.

Naomi then jokingly fired back, "You sure it wasn't me that pushed him? That's if I even got in the car with him. It's a good thing we're all grown-ups today and we're family … It's nice to see him blossom." The model, however, admitted, "Those were fun times in New York. Can never go back to those."

Upon watching the interview, fans were not impressed by Chris as he seemed to be making it like it's a joke. "That doesn't sound like a joke to me," someone noted. Another fan questioned, "So how's this funny."

"black don't crack at all," someone added. Meanwhile, a person wrote, "Anything to tarnish there own ppl even more" with another user calling the comedian looking "like that uncle you don't invite to the cook out."

Mike Tyson has yet to respond to the matter.

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