Disclosure Have Hard Time Using Right Pronoun for Non-Binary Sam Smith

U.K. electronic music duo Disclosure still suffer the odd slip up when it comes to pal Sam Smith's gender pronouns.

Last year (19), Sam opened up about their gender in a candid social media post, revealing they're gender non-binary and prefer to identify with "they/them" pronouns.

While Sam's candour when it comes to their gender has been met with a positive response from fans, longtime collaborators, Disclosure's Howard Lawrence tells Britain's Daily Star newspaper he and older brother Guy have been guilty of reverting back to "he/him" during chats with their pal.

"We've occasionally said 'he' a couple of times," he revealed. "We've spoken to Sam about it, and they understand that occasionally we'll get it wrong along the way."

"But it's an important thing to get it right. It's no skin off my nose to get it right," the dance music star, who released new album "Energy" last Friday (28Aug20), added. "It takes no effort, and yet it makes such a big difference to Sam and people like them when we show them that respect."

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