IG Model Lord Giselle Uses Gay Slur While Defending Herself Over N-Word Backlash

Lord Giselle has recently been caught in a backlash over something that she said during a recent Instagram Live stream. People have been attacking the IG model for unapologetically saying the N-word during the session, but when she tried to defend herself, she used a gay slur in the process and made things worse than it already is.

It all started after one Instagram follower told her that "she's not black," so she isn't allowed to use the N-word as she pleases. Instead of apologizing, Giselle taunted the said follower by repeating the word over and over again before saying, "You mad? You mad?" The two continued their back and forth for sometime before the follower exited the Live.

People were offended by what she did and the backlash was almost immediate. "There's is no time or place for any non black person to use the 'N word' PERIODT," one person said, as some other people said she was "being disrespectful." There was also an individual who commented, "Just because you 'think' you black , it doesn't mean you ARE black !"

Giselle tried to defend herself after that, but she decided to refer to her haters as "f****ts." However, she insisted that she was not homophobic and racist and that just made a lot of people get even more mad at her. "NOT HER SAYING THE F SLUR THEN TRYNA SAY SHE AINT HOMOPHOBIC YEA OK," one commented. "Now she's using homophobic slurs to justify her being openly disrespectful to black people. IM SICK OF YALL!" someone else said.

"HOW CAN YOU BE RACIST, HOMOPHOBIC AND TRANSPHOBIC AND THE SAME TIME DAMN," one person was in disbelief, while an individual wrote, "We don't care, you still said the n word & the f word with no remorse, fck them tears." In the meantime, another said, "Homophobic and disrespecting the people she desires to be. Whew."

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