Megan Thee Stallion Allegedly Protecting Tory Lanez Because She’s Pregnant With His Baby

Megan Thee Stallion might have a more personal reason as to why she appeared to be trying to protect Tory Lanez after the shooting incident. A new report says the 25-year-old raptress might be pregnant with the Canadian star's baby at the time of the shooting.

A source, who is described as a friend of Meg's, tells MTO News that the "Hot Girl Summer" hitmaker and the "Say It" rapper were seeing each other for at least a month before the shooting. "They were together. I'm not going to say they were a couple, but definitely hooking up," the friend claims.

The friend believes that Megan may have been pregnant, adding, "I can't say for certain, but she was giving off pregnancy vibes. She was glowing, especially when we talked about Tory. I got the feeling that she could have been pregnant."

Megan initially lied to police about her foot injuries, telling them that her feet were hurt by broken glasses instead of bullets when cops pulled Tory's car on July 12. There were also reports that she did not cooperate with police in the investigation, though she has been called in to speak to L.A. investigators and the district attorney after she eventually named him as the shooter several weeks later.

The "Savage" raptress came clean about who shot her as she's upset about numerous lies that were allegedly spread by Tory and his team to the media. "Megan wasn't going to name names, she wasn't going to go there – she wasn't planning on talking to police. She was protecting herself. People in her camp and in Tory's camp shut everyone down so fast you could barely blink," a source told Page Six last month. "But there were lies that were being spread and she wasn't going to stand for it."

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