Report: Anderson, South Carolina Officials Have Found Artist for Chadwick Boseman Statue

During his life, Chadwick Boseman touched so many lives that locals in his hometown of Anderson, South Carolina demanded the city to salute the star with a statue. Now, it seems like the officials of the city have heard public's opinion as they are reportedly working on a statue of the late actor.

According to TMZ, a spokesperson for Mayor Terence Roberts' office in Anderson claims that the city is currently working on a permanent public tribute to honor the "Black Panther" star. It is said that it has contacted an artist to be in charge of the planned statue.

Additionally, the city has been trying to find the best way to honor the hometown hero, who passed away at 43 from colon cancer earlier this week. The publication states that the statue will include a mix of sculpture with mural and/or art elements.

While the spokesperson alleges that they don't have plans nailed down, they are confident that it will be suitable for the beloved star. To make sure that the statue will make the residents of Anderson proud, the Mayor's office is said to be open for public input.

Prior to this, locals of Anderson, South Carolina set up a petition to salute the local hero. "It's important that we honour a true local legend by immortalising him in stone in front of the courthouse," a note on the website reads. "He (Boseman) opened many doors for many young black people with his leading roles in movies such as 'Black Panther' or 'Marshall'. It is only natural that his hometown honors what he did."

"It should be accompanied by the history of the monument and the reasoning for its relocation. It should preserve history, but not honor the ideals for which the Confederacy stood," they explained. The petition is addressed to Anderson Mayor Terence Roberts, the South Carolina State Senate, the South Carolina State House, and Governor Henry McMaster.

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