Silento Breaks the Internet After Pic of His Bootyhole Surfaces Online

It's been a rough week for Silento. Not only being forced to spend time behind the bars for an alleged assault, but the rapper has also become a victim of trolling after a photo of him showing off his bootyhole surfaced on social media and drove a massive number of people wild.

Many people could not believe what they saw as they started mocking his butt hole, which online users deemed weird. "Silento's a**hole looks like this," one person wrote, along with a photo of "SpongeBob SquarePants" character Kevin C. Cucumber with his mouth swollen. On the other hand, an individual still could not process what happened, "Just saw Silento's gaping b***y… Is 2020 even real."

Someone else wished s/he would not see it in the first place, saying, "now why do i see pictures of silento's a** on my tl….. my day is ruined." Another shared the same feeling, "just saw why silento’s trending and i want that pic erased from my memory." There was also one person who said, "………. now why i see silento's booty hole on my timeline GOODBYE YALL THATS ENOUGH TWT FOR ME TODAY."

This arrives shortly after news broke that Silento was arrested in Orange County, California last Friday, August 28 over a domestic dispute which prompted police to get called to the house. On the following day, he was arrested again after attempting to look for his girlfriend while walking into a stranger's house with a hatchet in hand. Someone in the house reportedly screamed and it wasn't long before others took him down and disarmed him.

He was charged with two counts of assault with a deadly weapon following the incident.

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