‘The Batman’ Resumes Filming Without Robert Pattinson as He Allegedly Contracts Covid-19

Production on "The Batman" is back up and running after a brief shut down, reportedly following its star Robert Pattinson testing positive for Covid-19.

Reports emerged on Thursday (03Sep20) suggesting Pattinson had contracted the coronavirus, with production shutting down due to a positive test.

However, a source tells Britain's Daily Mail newspaper production at the Warner Bros. Studio in Hertfordshire, England has resumed without its lead actor.

"Anything that can be shot and does not involved Pattinson will now go ahead," a set insider told MailOnline. "That includes scenes with his body double. The aim is to get as much done as possible before he returns and the hope is that none of the other actors get the virus."

"Crew can be replaced as most are freelance and hired for the duration of the shoot but it would be disastrous if another major actor gets the virus. Production staff are working round the clock to get things moving and allow some filming to take place."

Without naming Pattinson, a Warner Bros. representative said of the brief hiatus, "A member of The Batman production has tested positive for Covid-19, and is isolating in accordance with established protocols. Filming is temporarily paused."

However, it was apparently common knowledge among crew that the actor contracting Covid led to the pause, with the insider revealing, "We have been sent a memo telling us that a member of the crew has had a positive Covid-19 test."

"Everyone was talking on the set how Robert Pattinson had an elevated temperature when he turned up for work. It was common knowledge among the crew."

"We did not know if he is the person who has tested positive, but we all guessed it was.If it was a member of the crew they could be replaced and shooting could continue. Only when filming stops altogether you know it's one of the principals involved."

Production on "The Batman" shut down when the pandemic began in March. It started up again earlier this week, after director Matt Reeves recently revealed he had completed a quarter of the film, which is scheduled for release in October, 2021.

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