Yung Miami Responds to Fans Saying Her Verse Ruins ‘Do It’ Remix

Yung Miami is among artists taking part in Chloe x Halle's "Do It", which also features her City Girls' teammate JT, Doja Cat and Mulatto. The song, which was released midnight on Friday, September 4, has gained rave reviews from fans, though some of them blast Yung Miami for her alleged lackluster verse.

"I pull up foreign (Skrrt), with my friends/ AMG (Yep), on a Benz/ Ride or die (Ride or die), 'til the end ('Til the end)," she raps in the track. "I be cute, how we look settin' trends (Period)/ These my queens, these my girls (Girls)/ I don't do pretend."

Defending herself, Yung Miami wrote on Twitter on Friday, "My verse was for the kids & tik tok period." She continued in a separate tweet, "That's wrong y'all said I ruined the song omg," saying that "maybe it gotta grow on yall idk."

In response to a fan who defended her, she was hopeful that people would change their mind on her verse soon. "Maybe tomorrow they good tonight they didn't like it," she tweeted. She also said, "Lmaaooooo see that's why I love my Miami b***h yall gone ride," to a fan who deemed her verse "very cute."

That prompted fans to praise Yung Miami for making her verse fit for TikTok. "She smart lol tik tok gon get her some new fans & numbers," one fan noted. "It ain't even that bad," added another defender, though someone else blasted Yung Miami as saying, "how they gon dance to it when it's off beat."

Some others, meanwhile, called out the haters for criticizing the verse despite its non-controversial lyrics. "But when they rap about anything else it be a problem , y'all dtm," a user commented. Echoing the sentiment, another person opined, "but y'all was just bashing all the female rappers for talking inappropriate in their songs," while someone concluded, "Lmaoo y'all hate appropriate music."

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