‘Cheer’ Star La’Darius Marshall ‘Safe’ After Concerning Post About Losing His ‘Fight’

La'Darius Marshall is reportedly "safe" after sparking concern among "Cheer" fans. The cheerleader took to Instagram on Thursday, September 3 to share an emotional message in which he talked about stopping his "fight," much to fans and co-stars' worry.

"Ladarius Marshall is floating away, going away, fading away. I have hurt people, I have loved people, and I have given all I am to few people. Some people are strong enough to make it in the end but my fight stops here," he wrote in the now-deleted post. "I have loved so much that when something falls away it takes a piece of me with it. What's left of me is nothing, I'm empty. I hope that when you think of me that you think of positive things that I have brought into your life."

He went on to say that he no longer desired to "seem happy" or create a false representation of himself online. "I am not what my media shows. I'm a broken kid who has lost his fight, his battle, and his war. Carry on with life, but keep me in your memories," he shared.

Concluding his message, La'Darius added, "I love each and every single one of you guys. I hope that God shows you the way. Hurt people hurt people, and I'm tired of hurting people. It's ok I'll be smiling wherever I'm going. I have Given up this time."

Hours after the concerning post, Debbie Bonner, one of the cheer moms Marshall had stayed with during the filming of the show, took to his account to share an assuring update about the Netflix personality. "Ladarius Marshall is safe are home here in Texas with me," so Debbie wrote alongside a picture of her and La'Darius sitting on a couch.

"Thank you all for carrying for our Boy, he will receive the help he needs I'll make sure of it. We will take good care of him," she added. Comments were turned off in the post, but it was relieving enough for fans and friends to know that he is fine.

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