Eliza Reign Has Savage Response to Summer Walker Dissing Her Over $53K Child Support

Eliza Reign is currently embroiled in legal battle with Future over child support, and it appears Summer Walker has something to say about the whole thing. However, it's safe to say that Eliza does not appreciate what the songstress says and decides to badly drag her on social media.

It all started on Friday, September 4, when Summer took to her Finsta account to speak up about her issue with Eliza requesting $53,000 in child support. "She wants 53 thousand a month. Women like this are so disgustin and sad," she said, adding that she feels bad for the rapper and wondering, "Where do y'all even find these type of women?"

Eliza was quick to catch wind of the comment and hit back almost immediately. Not holding back in the slightest bit, she called Summer "galacta w***e" before adding, "Nice music, but where's your brain at?" She continued, "I don't even like going back and forth with black women during time like these, but how are you speaking on a situation like mine when your man is doing the same if not worse than the person I'm battling in court."

Eliza might be referring to Summer's ex-boyfriend, London On Da Track, who is also battling his baby mama over similar things.

Not stopping there, she continued bashing Summer in a separate post as she pointed out how the "I'll Kill You" singer uses her big platform to bring down other black women instead of speaking up for "black women who are forced into situations like mine by black men who are never held accountable."

She later explained the reason why she requested that amount of money, before calling out Summer over claims that she doesn't like to bath. She doubled down on her mocking by sharing a screenshot of an article whose title read, "Summer Walker on why she doesn't like shower." Eliza added in the caption of the post, "I thought the musty deadbeat girlfriend said something…"

She continued in a separate post, "Don't come for me if I didn't send for you! Mind you and your damn business. OK? And since you're an expert on what's disgusting… please explain your thoughts on what it is 'allegedly' doing to his own children and their mothers?"

Summer has yet to respond back to Eliza.

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