LightSkinKeisha Accused of Lying About Her Age While Celebrating Birthday

LightSkinKeisha got a lot of people confused about her age when she celebrated her birthday on Friday, September 4. Even though her Wikipedia page stated she was born in 1994, which would make her turn 26 this year, the rapper claimed that she marked her 21st birthday during the party and left everyone baffled.

Sharing on Instagram footage taken during her birthday bash, Keisha wrote in the caption of the post, "Happy 21st Birthday to meeeee," thanking her boyfriend for preparing the bash for her. The hip-hop star also expressed her gratitude to those who attended her birthday party and sent her well wishes on her special day.

Keisha added, "BigBankBeisha Birthday we brought it in the BIG way ! I’m thankful for a lot this year, my team who always pushes me to be the best and go harder, and all of the support. It means so much to me. I love y'all, thank you."

Her claiming she's only 21 got a lot of people confused, with a number of people accusing her of lying as they pointed out that the birthday cake in her videos stated that she's 27. Even though Keisha insisted that she's 21, many people hardly believed she was telling the truth and continued to accuse her of lying.

"Lightskin keisha was trolling lol, that candle said 27, she aint slick," one person wrote, as an individual commented, "LightSkinKeisha is out here lying about skin color and age, I hate to see it." Someone else said, "Y'all really believe Lightskin Keisha 21?! Lol" Meanwhile, one more person chimed in, "y'all slow if you really think lightskinkeisha just turned 21 lol it was a JOKE."

There was also someone who gave her/his two cents, "Um. Lightskin keisha gotta be lying about her age." On the other hand, another wrote, "Y'all really stupid if y'all think Light Skin Keisha is 21. My girl is 27. Everybody wanna be 21 after the pass the age of 25."

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