Lili Reinhart Claims Her Words Are Twisted After Comparing Filming ‘Riverdale’ to Being a ‘Prisoner’

Lili Reinhart is left annoyed by the misinterpretation of her remarks about her return to the set of "Riverdale." Two days after making media headlines for comparing the filming of The CW's series amid COVID-19 pandemic to being a "prisoner," the Betty Cooper depicter insisted that her words were twisted.

On Friday, September 4, the 23-year-old made use of her Twitter account to set the record clear. "Love it when my words are taken out of context YET AGAIN," she sarcastically tweeted. "I'm not complaining about going back to work, I'm incredibly grateful to have a job. I'm sad that I can't see my family for months on end due to travel restrictions. FFS, leave me alone."

Lili Reinhart's Tweet

The ex-girlfriend of Cole Sprouse went on to add in a follow-up tweet that she was left irritated by the fact that she had to offer such clarification. "No wonder people think I'm this pissed off girl all the time," she pointed out. "I annoy myself having to speak up about this."

Lili Reinhart's Tweet

Lili's explanation was met with sympathy from many. One Twitter user replied, "I think it was pretty clear and it's so normal to be sad about missing your friends and family. I feel so sorry for you that you always have to clarify things every time you speak. I love you so much Lili. You deserve the world."

Lili Reinhart's Tweet

Another sided with her by stating, "i'm so sorry this keeps happening. people need to stop taking things you say out of context and just take them exactly how you say it. again, i'm sorry. i love you <3." a third similarly said, "i'm sorry that you have to clarify it,,, anyone would miss going for thanksgiving or meeting ur friends/family. it's completely understandable."

Lili Reinhart's Tweet

Lili's talked-about "prisoner" remark came from her interview with Nylon that was published online on Wednesday, September 2. When discussing her call back to complete season 4 production, she was quoted as saying, "I genuinely feel like a prisoner, going back to work, because I cannot leave Canada. That doesn't feel good. You can't go home for Thanksgiving, can't visit your family. No one can come visit you unless they quarantine for two weeks. It just feels f**ked."

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