Rachael Leigh Cook: Online Dating Is the Best Possible Way to Talk to a Stranger

Actress Rachael Leigh Cook made an "interesting" foray into online dating following the end of her marriage.

The 40-year-old "She's All That" star split with her husband of 15 years, Daniel Gillies, in 2019 – and she tells TooFab she took to the Internet in a bid to move on from the failed romance.

In a joint interview with Damon Wayans, with whom she appears in "Love, Guaranteed", she says, "I have a little bit, you know, it's interesting… it's the best possible way to talk to a stranger. I like it."

"But I'm dating someone wonderful now, so I've stopped that," she adds, referring to her new boyfriend, Kevin.

In their film, a single guy, played by Wayans, hires Cook's attorney character to sue a dating app company after being promised he'd find a romantic partner.

"It's pretty fun to see the way – just as an actor – I just think it's interesting to see how people present themselves. There's a character study moment," she explains of the psychology behind online dating.

Meanwhile, Wayans insists he's "never online dated before," quipping, "I online date mainly when my wife's asleep."

"But I have a lot of friends who, you know, give me a lot of horror stories, but also good stories," he adds. "I know a couple who have been going strong for probably like three years now and they met online."

Cook previously gushed about her new man, revealing they were set up by mutual friend, actress Judy Greer, telling ET Canada, "I was complaining about some online interactions that I've had and Judy Greer said, 'Well, when you're ready to meet someone nice, you should meet Kevin.' "

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