Sharon Stone Almost Crumbled Dealing With Son’s Surgery and Sister’s Covid-19 Battle

Sharon Stone was a "mess" when her son underwent surgery earlier this year (20) – at the same time her sister was battling Covid-19.

The "Basic Instinct" star has been keeping fans updated on her social media pages about her sibling Kelly Stone Singer's fight against the coronavirus, revealing last month (Aug20) that Kelly had tested negative for the first time since she caught Covid-19.

And now, in an interview with U.S. TV show "Extra", Sharon has revealed that the time was doubly stressful because one of her sons also had to have an operation.

"I'm so relieved that I think I'm starting to crumble," she smiled, adding, "It was just so stressful and my son had to have surgery at the same time. So I had to go to a surgery place during this period. I was just, just a mess."

She didn't reveal which of her three boys had to have the surgery – Sharon is mum to Roan, 20, Laird, 15, and Quinn, 14.

Sharon is now doing her best to get back to normality and is looking forward to the time that she and the rest of the world can put the pandemic behind them.

Asked what she misses the most from before the days of Covid-19, the 62-year-old screen star said, "Hugging. Hugging my friends."

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