Bill Oddie Almost Died From Lithium Overdose

Bill Oddie was close to death this summer after being struck down ill with Lithium toxicity.

The comedian, 79, returned to social media after a period of silence since his last post on 22 June (20), and explained his absence was due to his health battle

"Just so you know, I have been very ill most of this summer. Lithium toxicity. Almost fatal," he penned. "I am still here but very confused about most things! But then aren't many of us. IT fuddles my brain. Confusion."

The condition is brought on by having too much lithium and symptoms include tremors, increased reflexes, trouble walking, kidney problems, and an altered level of consciousness.

Bill asked fans to wish him luck during his recovery, adding, "Will I return ? I Really dunno. I do hope so. Please wish me luck. XX."

Many of his fans rushed to wish him well, with one user writing to the avid bird watcher, "Very best wishes for your recovery Bill… Hope you are out and about on your local patch soon."

"Hang in there Bill. X," said another, while a third told Oddie, who was a star of cult British series "The Goodies", "Get well soon Bill! I sold you birdsong CDs at Virgin Megastore in 1996. You wore a jumper with a puffin on it, and were the epitome of charm and politeness. Was the highlight of my retail career."

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