Daisy Ridley Signed on for New Movie About Adolf Hilter Assassination Attempt

Daisy Ridley, Kristin Scott Thomas, and German actress Nina Hoss are set to star in an adaptation of the bestseller "Women in the Castle".

The drama centres on the widows of three conspirators involved in an assassination attempt on Nazi Germany leader Adolf Hitler. Though the World War Two story is fictional, it is inspired by firsthand accounts from the time period.

Directed by Jane Anderson, who previously adapted "The Wife" for the big screen in 2017, the script is based on the novel by Jessica Shattuck.

"One of Jane's great talents is to reveal the inner emotional lives of women and in gifting those revelations to actresses, allowing them to deliver award-winning, timelessly memorable performances," said producer Rosalie Swedlin in a statement. "And in Kristin, Daisy and Nina we have the cast to do exactly that."

The film is set to go into production early next year (21) in Eastern Europe.

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