6ix9ine Disses Nicki Minaj Following ‘TROLLZ’ Success

6ix9ine (Tekashi69) apparently thinks that the huge success of "TROLLZ", his collaborative song with Nicki Minaj, is solely due to himself. In response to Lil Durk's claims that Nicki was the one who brought the song to be at No. 1, the rainbow color-haired rapper quickly disagreed.

"I love that girl to death. When has Nicki ever had a No. 1 'til this day?" 6ix9ine asked in a recent interview with Billboard. When the interviewer mentioned "Say So" which was the remix to Doja Cat's record, Tekashi responded, "No, no no… I love Nicki. That's my sister. I love her to death. Give me a Nicki single that's been No. 1. Her record." He went on to say, "Let's not shy off. That's my record."

Fans quickly slammed 6ix9ine over his comments about Nicki. "THIS! Right here is why I did not want the Barbz to support this man. Everyone & their mother knows Nicki/Barbz are the reason it went #1 yet I knew the second it did he would turn on Nicki in a heartbeat. I didn't want Barbz supporting it just bc of Nicki. Now look at the mess," one commenter wrote online.

"He must be mad at her or something. He would have never said this. Lmao," another user added. Someone else said, "I hate when he stresses that she's his sister… how you gon do that to your sister mf? chile…"

A Barbz opined, "he's not had a solo #1 either tho since he wants to go there. The barbz mass buying merch bundles and different versions of the song is the only reason the song went #1 in the first place, he should quite honestly thank Nicki."

Echoing the sentiment that Tekashi should have been grateful for the "Anaconda" raptress' involvement in the song, a person noted, "I don't like Nicki but boy she saved both the song and the music video. Like the flow was awesome , she sounds and looks amazing ofc the song being #1 was because of her."

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