TikTok Star Danielle Cohn Insists She’s Not Stealing Ashanti’s Song Despite Backlash

Danielle Cohn has recently been dragged online as a lot of people accused the social media star of stealing Ashanti's 2002 song "Foolish". However, the star has since broken her silence and stated that she never stole the song as it was simply a cover, hitting back at her critics for accusing her like that.

Taking to her Twitter account, Danielle said, "Do people not understand what a cover is," alongside a shrugging emoticon. She later took to Instagram Stories to further address the issue, saying, "Hey, guys, so I just wanna clear this up. So I did not steal Ashanti's song or take it from her." She added that she's a big fan of Ashanti and simply wanted to make a remake of the song.

"Many people do it so I don't really know why I'm getting hated for it," she added. "I just want to remake one of my favorite songs so can you just stop saying that I took her song when I didn't? I even gave her credit and everything so… Just stop."

People did not buy her explanation though, pointing out that Danielle promoted "Foolish" as her new song and a single instead of a cover. Furthermore, the social media star made merch and claimed that she was "inspired" by Ashanti's song rather than claiming that it was a remake.

"You know damn well you wasn't trying to say it's a cover as many other people have done. You deadass tried to make it YOUR song and sold MERCH with it and you put it on ITUNES. GTFOH!" one person said. " said it was your song and never said cover till you got called out made merch for a song that's not yours said it was 'inspired',even thought it's literally a full on copy," another pointed out.

Someone else commented, "B***h ! Dont you ever disrespect ashanti !!! You didnt even label it as a cover !!! Them unseasoned a** vocals b***h you need a pill and some prison !!!!" In the meantime, an individual wrote, "You deadass claimed it as your song and then said “inspired by” like you didn’t just steal a song word for word you colonizer." Some other people urged Ashanti to sue Danielle.

Meanwhile, Ashanti herself hasn't given her comment on this.

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