Video: ‘Love and Hip Hop’ Star MariahLynn Reportedly Tries to Run Over Girls During Street Brawl

MariahLynn had a quite rowdy weekend. The rapper and reality TV star reportedly got into a brawl on the street in New Jersey and things almost took a nasty turn as she allegedly attempted to run over her enemies.

In footage which surfaced on social media on Saturday, September 5, girls were seen fighting each other on the street. They pulled each other's hair and one person was seen viciously hitting another woman, who was pinned on the ground.

No one seemed to try to interfere while a man, who stood idly and watched the whole things went down, later became the target of one of the women's anger as she slapped the man in the face. It's not clear which one was MariahLynn in the video.

Not long after, a black car, which was parked near the scene of the brawl, moved forward into the direction of the girls. According to Daily Tea Talks, the "Love & Hip Hop: New York" star was behind the wheel as she attempted to run over the girls she was fighting. Luckily, no one seemed to be hit by the car.

"When there's no security guard behind love & hiphop," a person who posted the video quipped in the caption, adding, "Smh."

MariahLynn has not addressed the report of her alleged involvement in the street fight. She, however, was previously caught in the middle of a brawl during an "LHHNY" viewing party in November 2016. During the screening in Elizabeth, N.J., the 29-year-old tried to quell a heated situation between two women. When she tried to break them up, she got doused with a drink and suddenly a fight erupted.

The two arguing women were trying to pull each other's hairweaves out. MariahLynn's "LHHNY" co-star Drewski had to intervene and pulled MariahLynn out of the messy situation. No arrests were made at the time and everyone went back to partying after the situation cooled down.

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