Cyn Santana Says Joe Budden ‘Chased and Dragged’ Her During Relationship

Tahiry Jose apparently isn't the only woman who got abused by Joe Budden when she was dating him. A secret phone recording has recently surfaced in which Cyn Santana could be heard claiming that she received similar treatment during her relationship with the podcast host.

During their phone conversation, which happened after their breakup, Joe kept begging Cyn to meet in person so that they could come up with a co-parenting plan for their son Lexington. However, the "Love & Hip Hop: New York" beauty persistently refused the offer, prompting Joe to say that their conversation could go different ways if they talked in person.

This apparently didn't sit well with Cyn who then sarcastically said, "Why? So you can chase me and drag me again?" Joe sounded surprised after hearing what his former fiance said, telling her, "I did not know what to say."

Neither Joe nor Cyn has reacted to the leaked phone recording.

Putting his problem with Cyn aside, Joe is currently beefing with his ex-girlfriend Tahiry after the latter accused him of abusing her when they were together. She said, "I've been beaten before. That relationship left me with a fractured rib and a broken nose because somebody was sending him a message. And I used to always say, 'Stop beefing out there, I'm still working.' And he hit me on that nose and then pushed me down a flight of stairs."

Joe, however, denied the allegations. "This young lady is a liar – a cancerous, toxic liar," he said in a recent episode of his popular podcast. "I'm uncertain why she's lying this way; I'm not certain if she is misspeaking … if she has a false recollection of things. I'm not sure what it is but she said some things that didn't sit right with my soul and I'm here to talk about it."

"We were toxic," he admitted. "You used to beat my a**. You threw s**t. You hit me, you kicked me. You did a whole bunch of s**t that's not normal for a man to speak out about because it makes you appear less manly."

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