Jane Fonda Spills How Climate Change Protests Brought Her Closer to Estranged Daughter

Jane Fonda's climate change protests have helped the veteran actress end her estrangement with her daughter.

The 82-year-old and Vanessa, her daughter from her first marriage to Roger Vadim, had not been close for years until Fonda began her Fire Drill Fridays campaign last year, and found herself behind bars multiple times.

Upon her release after spending one night in jail in Washington, D.C., the "Barbarella" star was stunned to find Vanessa waiting for her.

"It was (protests) something that we could share," Fonda tells Britain's The Times. "It was something we could do together and she's very good when we find ourselves in a corner. When I came out of jail, I didn't know she was going to be there and we just looked at each other and burst into tears."

The actress was arrested five times for civil disobedience during her four months of weekly protest rallies, and she insists she doesn't care if her activism cost her fans: "Honey, at my age it doesn't matter," she snorts. "I've been there. I've done that. I've survived. They're all dead or in jail and I'm still going. You know, I don't care. There's nothing they can do to me any more that they haven't already tried to do, and I'm at the end of my life."

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