Kaitlyn Bristowe ‘So Glad’ She Wasn’t Picked for Juan Pablo Galavis’ Season of ‘The Bachelor’

Kaitlyn Bristowe almost competed for Juan Pablo Galavis' heart in his season of "The Bachelor". Although her audition for season 18 back in 2014 didn't work out, the former leading lady of "The Bachelorette" didn't have any regret.

"I'm just so glad nobody picked me for his season," Kaitlyn told host Chris Harrison in the Monday, September 7 episode of "The Bachelor: The Greatest Seasons – Ever!" "I remember making my video, being like 'I can't wait to meet Camila!' Then at the end [of the season] I was like 'Whew!' "

Kaitlyn, who prior to starring in season 11 of "The Bachelorette" competed for Whitney Bischoff's love in season 19 of "The Bachelor", wasn't a fan of Juan and how he treated Clare Crawley. "Worst Bachelor ever," said Kaitlyn of Juan. "I feel bad saying that, but what comes to mind is he just wasn't what America wants to see in a man."

Referring to when Juan told Clare, "I love f***ing you, but I don't know you," the "Dancing with the Stars" contestant went on to say, "It was disgusting." She added, "I just feel like the way a man speaks to a woman — it's a respect thing. When that's what happens when the cameras are off, I don't know why she didn't run as fast as she could."

Prior to this, Kaitlyn opened up about the criticism she received over her physical appearance which eventually took a toll in her. Showing her vulnerable side on Instagram Stories by sharing a picture of herself crying, she wrote on Saturday, September 5, "I forgot how mean people are when you go on TV."

"Just so many 'She looks so old and plastic' comments everywhere. You win today trolls. It got to me," she continued.

The TV star, who is set to compete for the Mirrorball Trophy in upcoming season 29 of "Dancing with the Stars", further elaborated her feelings in a follow-up video. "I had a good cry, didn't somehow ruin my eyeliner," she shared. "I honestly am so tired that anything will set me off right now, plus I am PMSing so great combo."

"But I felt my feelings. I got it out, sometimes I like to be honest on here but not always be 'woo, happy,' " she continued. "I had a weak moment, cried it out, felt it all, now poured myself a glass of wine, and remember what's important in life."

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