‘LHH’ Star Akbar V Captured Getting Into Fight in Atlanta Strip Club: I Stomped Her

Akbar V's recent night out in an Atlanta strip club did not go as smoothly as she was probably expected. Instead of having the time of her life in the club, the rapper and reality TV star got herself caught in a fight and it was all captured on camera.

As Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion's "WAP" played in the background, Akbar was seen in the video about to go at it with an unknown girl before one of her friends jumped on the said girl and made things worse. Both Akbar and her friend then beat the girl down as one of them could be seen hitting the woman with a bottle as the other continued hitting her.

Considering how quick the clip went viral, Akbar soon caught wind of it and addressed the fight as she pointed out that the video did not document the whole thing. "And how i didn't pinch a b***h when I'm the one throwing ho on ground," she detailed on Twitter. "Ion got to prove s**t i was already fighting before Bre came over there. fat Nunk was there whole fight and more N***a's and people that was the ending and my bff did wat she suppose to do."

When someone pointed out that "her friend did all the work," the "Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta" star shut down the claims by saying, "Lol that's not the whole video baby i wish somebody upload the whole video lol."

This is far from the first time Akbar got into a fight. Earlier this year, the star threw hands with LightSkinKeisha and Tokyo Vanity during the filming of "LHH: Atlanta". She was eventually escorted off the venue while cursing and destroying things on her way out.

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