‘LHH’ Star Jonathan Fernandez Accuses Tahiry Jose of Assaulting Male Crew Members

Jonathan Fernandez has spoken out against his former "Love & Hip Hop: New York" co-star Tahiry Jose. In a recent Instagram Live session, Jonathan accused the ex-girlfriend of Joe Budden of being violent to crew members on the set of "Love & Hip Hop".

"What the world didn't see and what none of you guys saw, what nobody saw is…she is a person who assaults people….," Jonathan shared on Sunday, September 6. "That same day, she assaulted, not one, not two, but three male crew members from the show with her purse."

Further elaborating the alleged incident, Jonathan added, "She assaulted them physically. And when I addressed her about it she said I don't remember, I blacked out. Don't bring that up to me because I don't remember."

He went on saying that Tahiry also almost physically attacked him. "I go and have a conversation with her and I'm thinking, 'You know what, you can talk to anyone about anything. You're upset girl? let's talk…' " He then demonstrated how Tahiry tried to assaulted him during the meet-up.

" 'Let me tell you something, you need to have hands put on you. Thats what you need… again with the violence..' I'm looking at her, I'm stepping back and I'm like, 'You're being very aggressive,' " he continued recalling.

As to why he made the revelation, he explained, "I'm not doing this to say anyone deserves to get hands put on but it's a very different message to say I was beating on a man and he retaliated against me than to say, I was abused by men. It is two very different things." Referring to Tahiry's incident with boyfriend Vado in an episode of "Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Addition", Jonathan continued, "Eat your apples and move on."

Tahiry sparked conversation among fans after she was choked by Vado in an episode of the WEtv show. Fans had mixed reactions over the incident. While some people blasted Vado for the domestic violence, some others noted that Tahiry was as aggressive as him as she threw apples at Vado beforehand.

Later, Tahiry also accused her ex Joe Budden of abusing her when they were together. Joe denied the accusations, hitting back at her by saying that she was as toxic as him and that she was a "cancerous liar."

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