Mark Wahlberg Unveiled to Be the Inspiration Behind Post Malone’s New Rose Wine

Mark Wahlberg was the unlikely inspiration behind rapper Post Malone's new rose wine.

The "Rockstar" hitmaker launched his "Maison No. 9" earlier this year, calling the wine "fancy", and now his manager has revealed the "Boogie Nights" star helped Post come up with the idea.

Dre London explains Wahlberg helped Malone "acquire a taste for expensive wine".

"This was an idea that came out while we were tipsy on wine and talking like a Wolf Of Wall Street bull," the manager tells GQ. "I remembered that moment and I reminded everyone the next day!".

"He (Malone) always drank wine, but not as much as beer. But he started having this acquired taste for expensive wine after he and Mark Wahlberg hung out too much!".

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