Zendaya Trending on Twitter as She Rocks Braids in New Selfies

Zendaya Coleman proves her charm doesn't need an explanation. The 24-year-old singer/actress has broken the Internet after she posted new selfies on her Instagram page on Monday, September 7, showing her new hairstyle.

In the images, the former Disney darling rocked long braids while posing under the ray of sunlight. Her glow was undeniable as she put on some makeup. She wore a white tank top and accessorized with a silver necklace while leaving the photos captionless.

As people couldn't help gushing over her beauty in those images, her fans took over Twitter and her name became a trending topic on the blue bird app on late Monday night. "Zendaya is absolutely stunning," one person commented while reposting Zendaya's selfies.

"zendaya definitely run the world," another gushed. A third user praised her skin, writing, "ZENDAYA'S SKIN !!!! IM SO JEALOUS LIKE THERE ARE NO FLAWSSS." Another addressed her/his comment to Zendaya's haters out there, "imagine not liking zendaya KDHWHHHS that's so embarrassing keep that to ur self."

Another person was inspired by Zendaya's hairstyle to also rock braids. "Zendaya said we wearing braids…. so be it," the said Twitter user wrote while sharing pictures of her sporting the same hairstyle.

Some others claimed how the sun also seemed to love Zendaya. "the sun shines only for zendaya," one of them enthused. Another echoed the sentiment, "the sun belongs to zendaya. sorry I don't make the rules."

There were other people who took the moment to drag Zendaya's rumored ex-boyfriend Jacob Elordi. "Zendaya….thank you for leaving that awful piece of s**t Jacob elordi Star-struck like GURL ur GLOWING," one person wrote. One other snarked at the 23-year-old, "what magic does that shovel shaped face guy jacob elordi have how did he get to date all these icons zendaya and joey king."

Accusing "The Kissing Booth" star of cheating on the "Spider-Man: Far From Home" actress with Kaia Gerber, another slammed the Australian actor, "How do you cheat on the ZENDAYA #jacobelordi." Another added, "he left zendaya AND can't wear his mask correctly? pick a struggle," while sharing a picture of Jacob during an outing with Kaia.

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