’90 Day Fiance’ Star Colt Johnson Shamed After His Suggestive OnlyFans Photos Leak

Colt Johnson may be shameless about making money through OnlyFans, but that doesn't stop people from trolling him over his X-rated content. While subscribers have to pay $25 per month to see what he's posted, some of his suggestive photos from the paid-only platform have leaked online, giving people free access to his racy pictures.

In one of the snaps, the "90 Day Fiance" star gets on all four on a rug in the living room before he starts stripping off his red pajamas. At one point after removing his shirt, he reportedly grabs a cocktail before removing his pants to reveal his tight red underwear.

Colt Johnson's OnlyFans Photo

The former husband of Larissa Dos Santos Lima is also seen rolling around the living room and strikes some naught poses. His black cat, meanwhile, unexpectedly makes a cameo appearance in one snap.

Colt Johnson's OnlyFans Photo

While some people noticed Colt's weight loss and praised him for it, many were not impressed with his raunchy photos. Calling it "gross" and "disgusting," one of the critics wrote, "Colt needs to just go away. Who is going to pay to see him with or without clothes. Why Colt???? Eeewww."

Another echoed the sentiment, "Those Only Fans pics of Coltee were gross [throwing up emojis] He didn't look sexy AT ALL! His facial expressions are goofy." A third person agreed, writing, "Colt is gross. He is so phony . I would never watch one second of a spinoff of him."

"You right colt is totally shameless. I'm embarrassed for him," another weighed in. Someone else called him out, "Colt is so disgusting and perverted!!" One other feels sorry for his mother Debbie, saying, "Colt Johnson is an embarrassment to himself and to Debbie. No matter what she is still his mother and she can nor be proud of those pictures. Shame on you Colt."

Some others, however, blasted both the son and the mother, whom they believe was taking part in Colt's OnlyFans venture. "OMG there is no word for how gross COLTEEE IS!!!!! This is too much. I'm sure mommy has to be so proud of her popular boy! Ugggggg," one alleged. Another was similarly fed up by the duo's antics, writing, "PLEASE!!! NO MORE COLT AND DEBBIE! YOU'RE JUST GIVING THEM MORE THAN 15 MINUTES OF FAME. THEY ARE BOTH SICKOS."

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