‘AGT’ Fans Call Thomas Day a ‘Disgrace’ for Lying About Reason of His Withdrawal

The new episode episode of "America's Got Talent" featured performances from wildcard acts, including singer Thomas Day who mysteriously dropped out of the quarterfinals. In the new episode, which aired on Tuesday, September 8, it was then revealed that he dropped out because he and his mother contracted with COVID-19.

"I was scared for my health. My mom and I were fortunate – we got through it," Thomas, who performed Billie Eilish's "When the Party's Over" that night, said of his return. "I've watched the show. I've seen all the people go through. And I mean, I know my dream is over. I'm just waiting for the flight to go back home – and out of nowhere, on the last day of quarantine, that's when I got the call when they told me I was being brought back on the show as a wild card. I feel so blessed and thankful."

However, the revelation only made fans angry because that wasn't what the heartthrob singer said to a fan on Cameo last week. At the time, he shared that he had to leave the NBC show because his high school football schedule had conflicted with the show.

Accusing him of being a liar, one enraged fan tweeted, "Don't vote for Thomas Day! He's a liar and sold his reason for leaving #agt and then he gets to come back and avoid a whole week of voting???" Someone else added, "I already wasn’t voting for Thomas Day but lying about why he dropped out for sympathy makes me like him even less #agt."

Another fan noted that it was unfair, saying, "I am sorry, but why is Thomas Day back after literally WITHDRAWING from the competition? This is extremely unfair to those who actually deserve the wildcard spot. I am sorry Thomas, but you are not getting my vote this week. #AGT."

"[email protected] #AGT Why did Thomas Day state that Football was his reason for exiting the competition . Yet now his reason is Covid 19. Just be truthful in your reason. He should not be a wildcard unless he is truthful," one other chimed in. Meanwhile, a user called Thomas "a disgrace."

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