DJ Khaled Blasts Paparazzi Over Butt Crack Pic: ‘Chill, Man’

Being a superstar, DJ Khaled might have been used to paparazzi. However, it doesn't mean that the "I'm the One" hitmaker would let unflattering pictures of him floating around on the internet. When he found out that someone took a picture of him featuring his butt crack, the rapper quickly called the paparazzi out.

"Smh this the type stuff u have to deal wit when u a POPSTAR," so the "Wild Thoughts" rapper wrote on his page, seemingly referring to his own song "POPSTAR". "POParazzi Yall got a chill man."

The post cracked some of his followers up as one of them suggested DJ Khaled to use it as his "Album cover." However, someone put the blame on the musician, writing, "Nah bruh, don't do that. This is stuff you have to deal only because YOU ARE SAGGING!!!!! Grow up, act your age and pull your damn pants up and you won’t deal with this. SAD. No Home Training."

The butt crack pic aside, DJ Khaled is currently working on a new music with Drake. "I'm working on my new album right now as we speak, and those were my first two singles off my album called, Khaled Khaled. And I'm blessed to work with Drake," he said in a recent interview with Forbes.

"Working with Drake, one of the best and one of the greatest artists… To be able to put two records out with me and Drake is huge. When me and Drake was talking about putting these two records out, I was like, 'Man, I would love to put them out at the same time,' " he said.

"I wanted to put out new music from my album because we all going through hard times. And I felt like, at times like this, leaders got to bring the light. And we all have to find the light. And I felt like through the music and the beautiful energy that we're putting out there for our fans, and the families, and the people out there. I said, "Let's put two big records out," and we did. We did it through a pandemic, man. And I want to be one of the people that help bring the light," he continued.

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