Famous Dex Is Sorry for Publicly Dissing King Von After Getting Threatened by Lil Reese

Famous Dex apparently regretted making his issue with King Von public. The former went on an Instagram Live stream on Monday, September 7 to take a shot at his fellow rapper, but it didn't take too long for him to issue an apology. However, his apology was directed to his fans rather than Von himself.

It all started after he called out Von during his expletive-laden Live, "King Von you a b***h. Suck my d**k. You got 6ix9ine going to O Block. Ho-a** n***a. Go get on 6ix9ine a** before you say anything about me. Cause he all on ya'll block. Disrespecting y'all dead n***as."

Von was quick to respond to the diss by saying on Twitter, "N***as better hope god got [some] room for they b***h a**." Even Lil Reese appeared to be threatening Dex when he took to the micro-blogging site to write, "Aye Tell Dex I said b cool how he be cool…"

Dex did not directly respond to both Von and Reese. Instead, he returned to Instagram Live to apologize to his fans over what he said during his previous Live. However, it appeared he was not feeling sorry to Von. "I ain't go' say anybody's name cause I get people famous off doing that," he said. "You supposed to be from Chicago. We supposed to be together, like coming together."

He continued, "F**k Chicago, we supposed to be coming together 'cause Black on Black–Black power, you know what I'm saying?… All the other stuff, I just wanna say I love me and I'm apologizing to my fans because my fans know that's not Dexter. F**k anybody else, that's how I feel."

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