Travis Scott Drives Fans Wild by Selling Life-Size McNugget Body Pillows

Travis Scott (II)'s McDonald's collaboration is apparently more than just a meal set. On the same day as the release of the menu collaboration, the Grammy-nominated rapper released his McDonald's merch collection containing 48 items that included shirts, shorts, an action figure as well as life-size McNugget body pillows.

For those who want to get themselves the nugget body pillow, Travis is selling them for $90. Meanwhile, there are also $25 Cactus Jack breakfast boxers, $250 denim shorts, $40 smile clutch as well as $150 Cactus Jack All American jersey. As for his action figure, fans can get them by paying $65.

Following the merch revelation, many go wild over the McNugget body pillow as a number of people express their interest in buying one despite the high price. "ok travis scott, i didn’t know i needed a chicken mcnugget body pillow but i need it," one person said. "travis scott selling a $90 mcnugget body pillow might be the funniest thing i have ever seen in my life," another wrote.

Someone begged others to buy him/her one, "If no one buys me the Travis Scott McDonald’s McNugget body pillow I'm ending it all." Meanwhile, an individual wrote, "Sorry ladies, I'm taken and her name is Travis Scott chicken mcnugget body pillow." One other joked, "WHY DO I WANT THAT TRAVIS SCOTT CHICKEN MCNUGGET BODY PILLOW? SOMETHING IS WRING WITH ME." Another was just as excited, "PLEASE I WANT A FULL BODY MCNUGGET PILLOW PLEASE I BEG."

Travis' menu collaboration with McDonald's started to go on sale on Tuesday, September 8. Celebrating its release, the "Highest in the Room" rapper pulled up at a Downey McDonald's location to try the meal for the first time and surprised fans who later whipped out their phones and mobbed the rapper.

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