‘AGT’ Recap: Meet Five Finalists of Season 15

"America's Got Talent" revealed the results of season 15 semi-finals in the Wednesday, September 9 episode. Kicking off the night, host Terry Crews revealed three acts who were up for the Dunkin' Save. The three were Archie Williams, Alan Silva and Malik DOPE.

Moving on, Terry called Spyros Bros and Dance Town Family. He shocked everyone when he announced that none of the two were moving onto the finals.

Later, it was Broken Roots and Double Dragon's turn to find out their fate. They performed solid performances last night so viewers expected one of them to be the first finalist announced that night. Heading to the finals was Broken Roots.

Thomas Day, who caught flak yesterday for allegedly lying about the reason of his sudden withdrawal in the quarterfinals, and Brandon Leake were called next. Brandon was unsurprisingly announced to join Broken Roots in the finals. Singers Shaquira McGrath and Roberta Battaglia later went head-to-head in the next results. As soon as Roberta was named as the one who moved onto the finals, she couldn't help but cry. Judge Sofia Vergara, who pressed her Golden Buzzer for her, expressed her excitement, exclaiming, "You're perfect!"

It's time to find out who won the Dunkin's Save. Among Archie Williams, Alan Silva and Malik DOPE, America voted for Alan Silva, so he went to the finals. As for the last two acts, their fate was determined by the judges. One of them was saved, while the other was forced to go home.

It wasn't an easy decision, but Sofia eventually picked Archie. Howie Mandel, meanwhile, decided to save Malik. Heidi Klum was the one who made the call. After much deliberation, she went with Archie! Congratulations to Broken Roots, Brandon Leakes, Roberta Battaglia, Alan Silva and Archie Williams.

Next week's episode will feature 11 more acts performing in hope of getting the remaining five spots in the finals of "America's Got Talent" season 15.

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