Bill Clinton to Give People Chance to Share Best Life Story Through New Podcast

Former U.S. leader Bill Clinton is the latest big name to sign up to host a podcast, proving the market is so hot even presidents are getting in on the action.

Clinton has joined forces with chiefs at iHeartMedia for the new venture, which offers normal people a chance to share their heartfelt stories with others.

"The podcast is inspired by President Clinton's belief that the purpose of his work in public service is to give people the opportunity to live their best life story," Craig Minassian, chief communications and marketing officer for the Clinton Foundation told Deadline in a statement.

"The show will be built on his gift for storytelling, his ability to explain complex issues in a relatable way and showcase his wide-range of interests and well-known intellectual curiosity through conversations about the ideas and events that continue to shape his work and our world."

It's not the 74 year old's first foray into the podcast field, however – he previously gave hosting a try last year (19) by fronting a broadcast with his wife and former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, who is also planning her own audio series for the same network.

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