Dr. Phil Begs Fans to Stop Calling Him ‘Daddy’

Just like any other celebrities, Dr. Phil also has his own TikTok account. However, ever since he made his page public, people apparently have been calling him "daddy" in the comment section of his posts. It's gotten so bad that he feels the need to post a whole video begging them to stop calling him with that nickname.

He said in the Wednesday, September 9 video, "You have to stop calling me 'daddy' on all my posts. I ain't your daddy. Hate to break it to ya, but I ain't'cha daddy, and your real daddy is probably getting his feelings hurt." Despite that, Dr. Phil said he still "appreciates the support, a little weird, but I do appreciate it."

His video soon went viral on the Internet with a lot of people wondering who on Earth are calling him daddy underneath his posts. "WHO KEEPS COMMENTING 'DADDY' ON DR PHIL'S TIKTOK????? I CANT BREATHE," one wrote in all-caps, as someone was just as surprised as the previous user, "Y'ALL MADE DR. PHIL ASK U TO STOP CALLING HIM DADDY? I HATE IT HERE LMAO."

Meanwhile, some other people could not stop laughing over his choice of words and music in the clip. For instance, an individual said, "HE SAID 'I AIN'T'CHA DADDY' AND I THINK I THINK I need to go to bed because I AM CRYING." Another echoed the sentiment, "YALL REALLY GOT DR PHIL TO SAY 'i ain't your daddy' PLEASE."

Someone else wondered, "WTF IS THAT MUSIC!??!?!!? I half expected the lights to go dark and Dr. Phil to have a clown behind him when they were turned back on! HA!" There was also an individual who commented, "THE AUDIO THE MUSIC THE WORDS SOMEONES GONNA MAKE THIS INTI A TREND SKNSSJJED," as one other wrote, "THE AUDIO MAKES IT 100X FUNNIER."

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