Iman Shumpert Insists He Never Said Having ‘Stretch Mark’ Is Bad After Backlash

It looks like a number of people have misunderstood Iman Shumpert's recent social media post. The basketball player took to Instagram Stories on Wednesday, September 9 to praise his wife, Teyana Taylor, for not having any stretch marks after giving birth. However, some people took his comment as an insult to those who have stretch marks on their bodies and started bashing him.

Iman's post that caught backlash read, "I searched Teyana body at least 3 times after Rue got here… not one stretch mark… sound the alarm lol. That dirty 30 gone be hurt." Shortly after he shared the post on the social media site, he returned with another post explaining that a number of people slid into his DMs to criticize him as they apparently found problems in his previous post. Thus, he decided to clarify his comment.

He said, "I didn't say there was something wrong with them. Nor did I mean for that to be a one up. I was a 12lb 4 oz baby that my mom had naturally, I know what carrying a baby does to a woman's body… I just was stating that my wife still has none." He then directed his post towards those who have stretch marks on their bodies by saying, "I hope ur man kisses every one of them to thank you for the children you brought into this world. Love is love."

Iman recently welcomed his second child with Teyana, a baby girl named Rue Rose. While introducing their new bundle of joy to the world, the NBA star revealed that the songstress once again gave birth to their child in a bathroom.

"Now…when we buy homes, we always find a bathroom with great energy… but not in a million years would you be able to tell me we’d deliver both of our daughters in a bathroom without the assistance of a hospital!" he said. "Our newest edition entered the world in the water and came out looking around and ready to explore! A healthy child. A little sister. Another daughter. Black love wins….again. Welcome babygirl…we love you!"

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