Jana Kramer Comes Clean About Mike Caussin’s Divorce Filing During Their 2016 Split

Country singer Jana Kramer has stunned fans by revealing her cheating husband, Mike Caussin, filed for divorce during their 2016 split.

In a new episode of podcast "Whine Down With Jana Kramer and Mike Caussin", the star read from the couple's upcoming book, "The Good Fight", and revealed her husband filed to end their marriage while he was battling a sex addiction in rehab.

"Mike was in rehab and I was in an all-out war with my emotions," she said, reading from the book. "Most days, I would push Mike out of my brain and tried to live in the world as if he didn't exist. Other days I was too weak to push and I missed him."

But she refused his calls and he felt the best thing to do was to file divorce papers.

"I called him screaming, 'How could you file for divorce? That's what I'm supposed to do! How dare you!' "

Caussin then explained he felt he had to do something drastic, because Jana wouldn't let him see their daughter.

"He had called asking to see her, as it had already been two months since their last visit, and I was so desperate to keep close to me the one thing that brought me calm, that even though I knew it was wrong and could hurt him… A voice in my head finally spoke up in defence of this man and our marriage."

That led to a very important chat, during which the "Whiskey" singer told her husband she wanted to try to save their marriage.

They reunited and renewed their vows in Hawaii at the end of 2017, a year before welcoming their second child, Jace Joseph.

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